Game Modes

Good ol' fashion lawn darts that many have grown to love. Classic Lawn Darts returns with some added twists that turn up the intensity of the game. Classic Lawn Darts gives players the opportunity to net points based on how close they get to hitting the Red Dot Bonus. The Red Dot Bonus increases by 5-points every inning for the duration of 8-innings. Be accurate, specifically when the stakes get higher, and become champion of this backyard pastime.


Dart fans, you're in luck. The game that dart players have embraced for years has made its way to the Wii. Oh, and the darts are slightly larger this time! Become one with the dartboard by hitting 15 through 20 each three times while also taking out the bullseyes. Doubles and triples are huge in this game and a must if you hope to close out your numbers as quickly as possible. Be on point, and you could be looking at an all-time best in perhaps TTP: Lawn Darts' most popular game.


The name of the game is to score - quickly, fast, and in large bunches. In 501 players begin with a point total of 501 and have to score enough points to get down to zero. Doubles and triples once again loom large if you want to close out fast, and players will be required to end on a double in order to finish the game! And in a Wii exclusive, players can also chose to play 301, 701, and 901 – now that's some serious bang for your buck!

Poker Darts

Poker Darts
Keep your cards tight to your chest and look to score a monster hand! Players will be given a chance at all 52 cards to piece together the best hand possible. The game has three separate rounds, meaning three possible chances at a royal flush! As the game moves along, however, the cards spread apart and the wind picks up! Earn points for your hands and don't be afraid to go all-in!

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How To

Establishing an Internet Connection
In order to purchase and download WiiWare™ games through the Wii Shop Channel™ you must have an internet connection. If you're having problems connecting your Wii™ to the internet, make sure you've completed the proper steps, or check out Nintendo's helpful connection tutorial. If you have an established an internet connection with your Wii you're one step closer to downloading Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts!

Navigate Through The Wii Shop
Once you're at the Wii Menu, select the "Wii Shop Channel" button. From here you may be asked to download necessary updates to ensure your Wii has the latest software compatibilities with the Wii Shop before you can continue further. If you aren't up-to-date, download the quick software updates and continue on.

Also check out Nintendo's Wii Shop Channel Customer Support for more helpful information.

Use and Purchase Wii Points
Wii Points are the currency used to purchase games and other downloads in the Wii Shop. They are available for purchase through the Wii Shop using a credit card or at your local Wii retailer. If you already have enough Wii Points, simply access WiiWare and continue to the next step. If not, purchase adequate Wii Points so you will be able to buy TTP: Lawn Darts.

Locate Lawn Darts on the Wii Shop Channel
While in the Wii Shop Channel, click on the "WiiWare" button at the top of the screen. This is located between the "Virtual Console" button (left), and the " Wii Channels" button (right).

If you're downloading the game shortly after the release date you should be able to find Lawn Darts under "Newest Additions." You can also locate the game by clicking on "Search by Publisher" and selecting "Incredible Technologies." Once the search is completed, Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts should appear on the screen.

Select the "Download" option once you're on the Lawn Darts page. Your Wii will then determine if you have sufficient space to download the game. If you do have enough memory, you'll be given an option to confirm the download. Select "Yes" and your download will begin shortly. Depending on your internet connection, speeds will vary.

If you do not have enough memory on your Wii you will need to create enough space for the download. For suggestions and helpful tips on this, visit the Nintendo Channel Consumer Service.

Once the game has downloaded, the Lawn Darts logo should appear in your Wii Menu as one of your installed channels. You will then be able to access the game through the Wii Menu at any time.

Start The Game
To start the game, simply select the Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts icon using the Wii Remote™ and let 'em fly!

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What is Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts?
Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts is a WiiWare™ game from Incredible Technologies, the makers of the popular arcade game Golden Tee Golf and sequel to the hit WiiWare™ title Target Toss Pro: Bags.

What is WiiWare?
WiiWare is a selection of games available for download directly from your Wii™ console. These games, including TTP: Lawn Darts, are available in exchange for Wii Points™ on the Wii Shop Channel™. For more information visit the official WiiWare site at

How Can I Download Lawn Darts?
Download Lawn Darts right from your living room! Visit the How To section on this page page for a walkthrough on how to find and download the game.

Do I Need an Internet Connection?
An internet connection is required to download the game off of the Wii Shop Channel, but it isn't necessary to play the game once it's been downloaded. If you're having issues connecting your Wii to the internet visit for information on how to get online.

What Are Online Leaderboards? How Do I use Them?
Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts has online leaderboards that track the high score for all lawn dart games. This means top scores from all connected players will be stored on an online leaderboard. Scores that make the leaderboard will be taken automatically from your Wii using your internet connection.

Is It Safe?
While the original set of lawn darts certainly had some safety concerns, Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts is safe and fun for the whole family!

How Much Is It?
Target Toss Pro: Lawn Darts is available now through the WiiWare Channel for the reasonable price of 700 Wii™ points.

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